❐ Hospitals Planning and Designing

Hospitals have various departments & facilities which requires detailed drawings. Hence, we provide planning, designing & implementation of all services such as Structural, Civil, Electrical plan with general layouts of fixtures, telephone and electrical outlets, Reflected ceiling/electrical plan including lighting layouts, Plumbing, HVAC & EPABX Layouts, Door & window schedules, Firefighting, Support services, Interior designing, Furniture layouts, CCTV layouts, Medical Gas pipeline layouts, Networking/IT- communication and other engineering systems.

➤ We providing for New project, Renovations, Extensions, Rehabilitations.

❐ Market Research and Financial Feasibility

A successful project is the one which has been planned from its conception stage i.e, identifying the viability of its business potential. We hence provide Market research services for the project to know its full potential & to justify the amount of investment towards the same

❐ Hospital Project management

Using the most cost-effective & expert staff on-site at the time of project execution, we provide the most comprehensive & efficient Project management service for all our projects. We provide the following services:

➤ On-site project management, Cost estimation of the project, Supervision of construction supplies & materials, Quality check of the construction, Co-ordination with various agencies

❐ Bio Medical Equipment and Furniture Planning

Based on the Projects requirements & client’s needs, we in Consultation with our Bio- medical Engineers, will prepare a detailed Equipment list department wise & Floor wise.

This detailed Equipment list is prepared after Load calculation of every Equipment (Floor- wise/Department wise) which will then be used for Quote comparison from various Manufacturers & vendors. We differ from our competitors in having a good knowledge of the supplier market, a technical specification which meets the training requirements, but which is feasible, commercial acumen to ensure there are no “traps”.

We help our clients in the following aspects of Biomedical Equipments:

➤ Equipment planning department wise

➤ Equipment needs assessment study

➤ Equipment comparison based on more than 20 parameters

➤ Equipment procurement (Sourced from different manufacturers & vendors)

➤ Equipment installation & commissioning support

➤ Training of the users & Equipment maintenance such as AMC, CMC.

❐ Manpower Planning and Recruitment

➤ Due to the changeable nature of the employment market, our senior Consultant will spend time with you conducting a thorough profile brief of all departments. Our consultants will aim to match the candidates to a service, environment and location to make their move to the new work environment a smooth and rewarding experience.

➤ We work closely with hospitals to find skilled doctors to fill temporary & permanent vacancies throughout the country. We recruit into targeted shortage areas and are looking for specialists who have training and experience in all clinical & non-clinical areas.

❐ Hospital Commissioning Assistance

We assist the hospital in preparing for commissioning. This can be of 2 types:

Pre-commissioning: This will involve the Equipment installation, Dry run, Manpower planning & recruitment, Preparation of standard operating procedures, Branding of the hospital etc.

Post-commissioning: This will involve the actual management of the hospital in terms of Operations & Marketing management.

❐ Hospital Business Strategy

➤ With limited resources, Hospitals must identify the markets capable of providing the quickest results. It is important to take the appropriate market research approach to make strategies applicable to local markets.

➤ We help our clients assess market attractiveness and establish market entry priorities according to the economic and socio-political factors affecting the market, local regulatory requirements, distribution channels and competition.

➤ Following in-depth research, we will develop, recommend and/or implement entry strategies to meet our client’s objectives.

➤ Based on a rigorous analysis of market dynamics and company capabilities, we can objectively identify and evaluate your available strategic options. We conduct organisational reviews and full strategic planning reviews on a global or regional basis.

❐ Hospital Information Systems

➤ We offer our services regarding the most cost-effective customized informatics solutions and management systems to meet the needs of client hospitals on an individual basis.

➤ All stages of installing new or up-graded systems are managed with particular attention to security, reliability, technical support and training.

❐ Hospital Branding

➤ Traditionally marketing and branding have been considered an expense rather than an investment that yields return. Branding of the new/existing hospital is an important part of the business strategy to communicate to the patients about the state of the art facilities available at your hospital. Branding plays an important role in strengthening your position in the market.

➤ However much like corporate brands, hospitals and healthcare businesses should be guided by the vision of the organization, their values statement. We provide comprehensive branding solutions to our clients in terms of the following aspects:

➤ It includes both internal & external branding such as Signage, Boards, Wall branding, Hospital website, Logo, Corporate presentation for insurance companies tie ups, etc

❐ Operational and Marketing Management

➤ Management of IPD(Ward) & OPD

➤ Medical Records management

➤ Equipment Planning, Management and Maintenance

➤ Management of Diagnostic services

➤ Linen & Laundry Services, Dietary Services

➤ Infection control

➤ Hospital information system

➤ Implementation of Standard Operating procedures

➤ Manpower policies & management

➤ Time management

➤ Purchase management

➤ Training & development for all levels of hospitals staff

➤ Hospital Business development

➤ Insurance companies’ tie-ups etc

❐ Management Consulting

➤ We provide clients with services in business development, marketing and strategic planning to enable them to successfully expand their business outside of their traditional markets.

❐ NABH & all other Accrediation Assistance

➤ Hospitals wanting to introduce a program of Continuous Quality Improvement [CQI] usually need to employ expert specialist staff. However, appropriately trained and experienced personnel in this field are difficult to find and expensive to recruit. A cost-effective alternative is to out-source the hospital CQI program to consultants.